EUCon; how is your system responding?

Just curious: a question to EUCon-users; How is your system responding?

My system (Euphonix MC Control 2.7.1) is quite reliable, but not all the key-commands seem to be working, especially in the automation-panel.

The faders sometimes react strange when writing automation, especially when channels in the Mix-Console are linked. F.I. sometimes I touch faders “whatever”-L&R and the Mix Console jumps hysterically to channels “something-else”-L&R.

Niek/ Amsterdam

Eucon is working just fine here. No problems as you describe.

There are some serious problems with EuCon implementation for N6, as documented elsewhere in the forum. Most annoying for me is the zooming issue, where the wheel only zooms in the project window, but not in any of the editors.

I haven’t heard anything about it being fixed in the coming update… but hope springs eternal. I haven’t systematically gone through the commands to see if there are other problems as you’ve described, but the zoom thing is really, really disruptive here.



I lose communication all time with my MC MIX system. That does not happend in N5.5

Make sure that if you have more than one network connection, the one not connected to the MC is disabled. (just a thought from experience).

Yes, I have more than one connection, but it should not affect, should it?

This is not necessary.
On Windows under TCP/IP v4 preferences, in the Advanced tab untick Automatic metric and give 1 to your MC adapter.
Win7 has a weird way of assigning priorities to Network Cards.
Hope this helps…

I’m under Mac, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

OUch :confused:
Any properties similar I described?
I got this tip here:

Anyway, Nuendo is still pretty buggy. It just crashes two times with a project using ONLY internal FXs and 3 tracks with Chord track and not too much more. Not trustable at all.

You can assign a specific address to your controller-- a combination of setting it as a EuCon pref and specifying it in your router’s preferences. I had to do this early on, when I was running multiple devices and switches. Don’t have to now that I’m using a single router.

Frequently (for me) IP confusion came from not-too-careful booting order of the various components, and having a laptop and desktop computer that apparently had the same IP address.


Just installed 6.04 with hopes that the eucon will be fix (zoom etc), unfortunately no changes were made to Eucon and the problems still there.
Anyone from Steinberg can chime in and let us know if a fix is coming?