Eucon is proving to be a real PITA!

I’ve got to say that , so far, the Eucon protocol has proven to be a real pain!!

  1. There is a really annoying bug that keeps re-arming my open MIDI tracks whenever I need to edit them. That’s potentially catostrophic, because, if you don’t have the fader up on the MC and you’re on the soft key section, you don’t even realize it! So if you hit the wrong switch you could wipe out your work! Even if you if you salvage the part by hitting revert, you’d lose whatever you edited if you didn’t realize how you’d lost the part in the first place!

  2. Turning the hardware off doesn’t remove the bug. So, Eucon is NEVER off?!!? - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums

  3. Now the MC keeps dripping the connection between the hardware and Nuendo 6. I have to keep going to the desktop and open the Eucon Master Section and add or delete a HUI segment in order to open the apply button in order to re-establish the connection! WTH?!!?

  1. Do you have the pref for enable record on selected track activated?
  2. Probably related to #1, not EuCon as such.
  3. Not sure what you mean by this. Sounds like something you shouldn’t be doing.
  1. No, record enable is NOT selected for either Audio or MIDI tracks. That was the first thing I checked when I first learned about this bug.
  2. I mean, SOMEtimes I can get away with adding or deleting HUI tracks (that I don’t need or use) just to get the apply button to activate so I can “wake up” Eucon. When that doesn’t work, I have to do a complete re-install to get it to talk to Nuendo. This is getting old fast!

I’d like to add that the EU-Con extension causes every time I’d like to quit Nuendo ends up in a unexpected quit.

Another, though far less problematic bug!