Eucon is unusable on mac osx 10.8.4

Hello All,

I’m trying to make Nuendo 6 work with my Artist Mix on OSX 10.8.4, without success.
When I open a session, Nuendo crash everytime when the Eucon surface acquire the fader’s values (understand : when the surface connects, and move it’s faders up to the values used in the session…).

I tried several combinations of Nuendo 6 version and Eucontrol versions, without success. Eucontrol 2.71 or 3.0 aren’t working with N 6.0.5, 6.0.4 or 6.0.3. Between each tentatives, I uninstalled both softwares, and deleted ALL related preferences. On the very same machine, Nuendo 5.5.5 work like a charm with Eucontrol 2.71.

The only case where everything work as expected is when I make a very simple test session, with no more than 8 audio tracks. If I add some group tracks or output tracks, Nuendo crash immediately, and the problem explained above comes again :\

As this make my artist mix almost unusable with N6, any help would be greatly appreciated…

No one can help ?

I’m not really using N6 a lot, but with N5.1 it Eucon seems pretty stable on 10.8.4. here on 2 machines. (That’s Eucon 2.x and 3.0)


On 10.7.5 with the N6.0.5 trial version and Eucon is mostly working fine, a couple of small problems but no show stoppers. Did you fully follow the recommended uninstall procedures for N6 from the Knowledge base? john.