Eucon Mc Control stops following selected fader

Nuendo 5.1.1

Just installed 2.5.7 and updated firmware. Now everything works fine for a while but after some time, the euphonix mc control’s selected fader stops following my fader selection in Nuendo.

-select fader via touch screen = Nuendo follows = Mc fader does not
-select fader in Nuendo mixer or project = Mc fader doesn’t follow
-page buttons move fader bank = Nuendo follows
-solo, mute, assign buttons don’t seem to respond properly

I tried to reset Eucon via Nuendo Device Setup “Reset” button on Eucon page but Nuendo and Eucon App hung until I force quit Eucon app and Nuendo responded again.

After that its impossible to get Eucon app and MC control no matter what I do and I have to restart the system.

This only started happening after I updated firmware and software.
Can anyone using lates Eucon repro?

Can’t repro however I have seen this. Simply quit the EuControl software and relaunch.

Simply? I’d have to quit my session every 5 minutes. And nuendo take 2 minutes to load, the session 3 minutes, and 90% of the time if I ever turn of the Euphonix I cannot get the software to communicate with it again and have to restart.

2.5.6 has the issue too. I’ve loaded 2.5.5 again and so far so good.

I hate Euphonix, this thing has been nothing but problems, hardware and software.

Thanks for the tip though, cheers.

I’d check your system then (router, CPU load etc). I have 3 Euphonix units connected without the issues you mention. When EuControl fails to communicate properly with the units and Nuendo then you can usually quit and relaunch EuControl without having to quit Nuendo or close your session.

Maybe post your system specs too.

I’ve rolled back to 2.5.5 and so far so good (crossed fingers).