[EUCON] Quick controls keep overruling remote control editor

Try this

  1. Create empty project
  2. create VSTi track with Retrologue
  3. press EQ a bit longer
  4. press <> CFG

The quick controlls splash out over the first 8 Artist Mix slots, so far so good…


  1. dissable quick controll in the inspector
  2. Open the Retrologue Remote Controll Editor
  3. Choose the “Artist Series” TAB and you see 8 preconfigured banks. (61 values instead of 8)

I can’t get these banks to splash over the artist, whatever I’m trying to do, the Artist Mix only keeps displaying the defined quick controll values, or nothing when these are dissabled/deleted

HELP ?!?

It’s always been my understanding that you can’t directly control VSTi synth parameters with Eucon. You can only control synths by using Quick Controls.

So it seems, but why are they then fully mapped out in the control editor? And do the corresponding controls respond?

You are probably seeing the controls respond because you are controlling them with Quick Controls and this makes the parameters change in the Control Editor.

One thing I have learnt… if you change the first eight parameters in the Control Editor to your favourite ones, and then save those changes, whenever you load up that VSTi, you can use the ‘Get Defaults From Plugin’ function in the Quick Controls menu to instantly assign those parameters to the 8 Quick Controls.

I’d love to know if there’s a way to properly edit VSTi parameters but like I said, as far as I’m aware, Quick Controls is the only way.

Wait a minute!!! I actually just Googled this a bit more and wow… YES it IS possible to do full VSTi editing. I just tried it on my Avid S3 and it does work. I can’t believe I never knew this. I read somewhere that it wasn’t possible and just accepted that as fact. Duh!!!

Try this: (I copy/pasted it from this page: http://connect.euphonix.com/Documents/EuCon/EUCON_Application_Setup_3.0.pdf )

To access VSTi parameters on MC Control:
1 Select an instrument track.
2 From the top level knob set, press PAGE >.
3 Press the VSTi knob top.
Parameters for the instrument on the selected track are displayed and can be adjusted with the encoders.
To access VSTi parameters on MC Mix:
1 Select an instrument track.
2 Press and hold the INSERTS knob set selector until it blinks, then release.
Parameters for the instrument on the selected track are displayed and can be adjusted with the encoders.

We need to start to compile a quick reference guide from all the fragmented snips of information, there is a lot possible, it’s just not properly documented

Agreed. Like I also only just found out that you could even use the Remote Control Editor to create custom parameter layouts for plugins. That transformed the Artist series for me from being just an ok thing for doing basic mixing tasks to an amazingly useful tool for doing deep plugin editing (and lead me to buy an Avid S3 this week). So that’s two massive features that it’s taken me a year to discover!

One more feature that I’d really love to see is to have the Cubase mixer page respond to the banking buttons on the Artist Series / S3. That would really make these controllers amazing. Who knows, maybe there’s some way to do this that I have yet to discover.

The documentation is really not great but the protocol is very powerful.

Raphie, I read a recent post of yours on DUC saying “I understood from Steinberg that they are preparing the v3 version of the sdk”. Do you mean there might be an update to Eucon functionality in Cubase in the near future?

Yes so we can open a topc ans provide input on whats not working

I just started a thread with my ideas for improving Eucon with Cubase: