EUCON related question - multiple commands at once

The Eucontrol software allows to assign commands to buttons (physical ones and touch-pad ones) The dialogue allows to assign a series of individual commands which should be performed sequentially. I experience the following: When I set up a command that consists of one Eucon Command (like e.g. “add audio track”) and add key presses this does not work. It seems that the “timing” does not work. When I add “meaningless” keypresses before the “meaningful” ones it sometimes works as expected. Does anyone have experience with assigning multple sequential commands to a single button on eucon devices? Thx, Ernst


The very similar issue is with Cubase’s Macros too. It’s just sequence of commands. The following command doesn’t wait until the previous one has been executed and finished (actually the information is not passed).

Myself, I use the “Save” command as kind of “idle”. It doesn’t hurt to save the project and it works the way I need. So Cubase waits until the project has been saved and then it continues.

The only one down side is, you have to always Save As your project, before you start to work, otherwise the Save As dialog would be triggered instead of just Save, once you trigger the Macro.

You can try this, with your EuCon commands sequences.

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Hi Martin,
you are among the top heroes in this forum, I do hope you are aware of that.
I have exactly been searching for what command to use to introduce a kind of “delay” before the key commands are carried out. Your idea is great and I will try and experiment!

Thx, Ernst