EUCON slow refresh

I just installed Mavericks and I found a new bug in Eucon: the pan knob does not work. Anyone else?


I just realize that it’s not a problem with the pan, the problem is that EuCon is not refreshing correctly the data in the unit.



In spite to what Avid states the last Eucon driver updates (3.x.x) don’t work well on Mavericks (have a look to avid community and see what happen
Since avid bought Euphonix this control surface units are getting worst and worst

Well, Pro Tools works correctly. It’s something with Cubase, Nuendo and EuCon. I’ve even tried to use an older driver.

Can anybody reproduce it?


Steinberg is winning the bug race, so far.

Did you do the firmware update after installing 3.1.2?

Yes, I’m using 1.5.2, the latest available. I’m really really p*** off with this.

I completely understand… Mavericks has caused lots of issues… The Avid forum is filled with complaints although most of them seem to come from PT11 users. Have you checked the Nuendo forum to see if anyone over there has encountered this problem? FWIW 3.1.2 runs well on Win64 / Cubase 7.5.2 (cold comfort I know…) Good hunting…

Thanks for the support. I’m in Mavericks because some users reported to be the OS where it works better. This is even worse!

Yeah… It is a real clusterpuck from what I am reading… Unbelievable…

One more reason for Steinberg/Yamaha to come up with a serious control surface, that integrates and works properly with Cubase. Isn’t it?

Honestly, I prefer Steinberg fixing the bugs…