Eucon software missing?

I would like to try the Avid ProTools control app on my iPad with Nuendo 8.2. I don’t have an Avid controller (Artist mix or S3), but I would like to test if the IOS app works. When I add the Eucon control in the Studio setup window, I get a message saying " No valid Eucon software can be found on the system".

I looked online to download the relevant Eucon software, but on the Avid website I need to create an account requiring me to enter a serial number from an Avid controller (which I don’t have).

Is it possible to only use the IOS app with Nuendo, without an Avid controller?

I don’t know if this EuCon-app works without the intervention of EuCon-hardware, but what I do know is that Nuendo can’t “listen” to EuCon-commands without the Steinberg EuCon Adaptor. You can download it from “Sound Content & Accessories” at this page:

Niek/ Amsterdam

Thanks. I found out how it works. Only problem now is that there is (still) a bug. I can use the app but at some point there is a message saying that the maximum number of hardware tracks was exceeded, crashing Nuendo. It seems that this is a longtime bug, waiting to be fixed.

Ah well, I still love using TouchOSC as an extra hardware controller with Nuendo! It takes some programming but is really useful.