Eucon Track Visibility

Please please PLEASE implement track visibility for Eucon controllers, so that when we hide tracks in Cubase, they are also hidden on the control surface.


Yes please, please, PLEASE indeed! PLEASE!

Eucon-able controllers and apps are some of the best out there in the semi-pro segment. But it’s damn-near impossible to do anything (in the mixer especially) if we keep on seeing hidden tracks. My templates have many, many hidden tracks that I don’t need to see until I decide to use them… I know there are some different approaches like disabling the track, or using track archives, but they are a bad fit for my workflow, hiding/un-hiding tracks is really the fastest way to handle it for me.

I’m also waiting for this longingly!


Monthly bump, when will this be addressed?

Here’s your bump for the month of March folks.

April bump. Crazy how long this takes, we’re now almost a year after the new Eucon version was released where Steinberg told us that the hidden tracks item would be addressed…

July bump?

I really want this too. Having an orchestral template, the inability to hide tracks on the Eucon units makes using Artist Mix and Control almost useless.

Is this still not a thing?

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Once again: bumpiddity!

This is generic problem that need a bigger redesign and it is needed for all remotes with multiple faders.
And you also need it to have a concept of which mixer view is mapped to what controller segments. And
of course you need to be able to select mixer view from the controller.

Would be really great to have this implemented and there is space for much more improvements of the EuCon drivers inside (all) Steinberg software… the artist series products are not a little niche, they are really often used, mostly by pro users!

I doubt that Steinberg will do anything regarding remote controllers that has anything to do with pro users; as long yamaha is selling Nuage that is their solution for pros. And certainly not avid’s that is steinbergs biggest competitor. They dont even maintain MCU that is very common on low end pro and home studios.

It might make business sense though: If they fix this issue, I’d say an Avid S3 will be BETTER with Cubase/Nuendo than Avid’s own Pro Tools. Custom plugin mapping is essential for a controller but Pro Tools does not give this feature. A scaleable mixer to align with the hardware faders? Steinberg has this, Avid does not. If they enable track visibility then we will have VCA Spill (using the ‘Show Connected Tracks’ visibility function.)

They might tempt some new users I think.


Steinbetg/Yamaha are shortsighted and foolish to ignore this long standing issue which users were told some years ago that it would be addressed in the next update, it never materialised. Eucon has come of age in Pro Tools, it’s a pleasure to use, in Cubase it’s endless frustration. IC Pro has fallen by the wayside and it’s clear to see how many enthusiastic users are now using Avid control app with Steinberg - along side Avid hardware. It doesn’t take much for the frustration to nudge Avid hardware users over to Avid software for a good hands on mixing experience, after all Avid is firmly entrenched everywhere.

As I’ve said before in other threads on the Steinberg forums, it’s cheaper and easier to change DAW’s than costly hardware controller setup. It’s cheaper and easier to pay a monthly subscription to Avid and use already purchased Eucon controllers than to,pay endless upgrades over the years to Steinberg for software that won’t deliver what many many users need.

I do believe Steinberg ignores this issue at its own peril.

it seems hopeless


Dear Fellas,

it seems that there is something moving, regarding this issue.
Eddie Jones just started a thread, where he gathers the top 5-10 bugs with Eucon and Cubase/Nuendo (and Logic Pro X), to actually get them fixed by Steinberg. Here is the thread:
Please add your comments and spread the word! Let’s make this happen!