Eucon users: 3.1.3 has been released

For the brave…

Eucon users: 3.1.3 has been released

…just installed it.

I hope that it fixes the problems with EUCON not connecting to my perfectly started and online Artist Control.

On a sidenote: I’d fire the developer who was unable to create a simple TCP/IP connection routine without hesitation. Connecting to a TCP/IP device is trivial, if he was unable to do THAT properly he should find a different job. Cleaning the streets or emptying trash bins, to start with.

Just installed it as well… Fired everything up and so far so good… As far as Eucon connection issues go, for me its more a question of ensuring I ALWAYS:

  1. Turn on Transport - Wait 5 seconds
  2. Turn on Control - Wait 5 seconds
  3. Turn on Mix - Wait five seconds
  4. Boot PC
  5. After PC is up check that the Artist devices are all connected (no avid logos etc.)
  6. Launch Cubase

This works 90% of the time (and is pure Alchemy I know)… Once in a while I will get a noop but not too often…

Who I really feel for are the PT users - especially on Mavericks - Sounds like those guys are screwed… My guess is that this update is largely intended for them (not to mention the S6 users who are, I believe, the only ones Avid really care about given they have bet the company’s future on that platform)

Anyhoo… At least I hope there are no regressions…

Can you still switch to programs running with administrator privileges by simply clicking on them (for example “msconfig” or installers)?

Whenever eucontrol is running, I can’t. Windows 8.1, but had the same problem with Windows 7.

Haven’t tried yet… I’ll let you know (and it is a pain and quite ridiculous that eucon does this)

Thats a sign of extreme developer incompetence… a simple networking program which does THAT to your OS installation… this would actually call for employer intervention. :imp:

Lets just say that in a team led by me there would not be a place for someone who shows this incredible lack of competence.

Have a look at this - Avid have been told about this bug in February…


I have contacted DanielEUCON on their forums and he already confirmed it and said it was on their backlog. Actually I’d consider an OS breaking bug “ultra urgent”, so it should have been hotfixed, but thats just me, I guess…