Does anybody know where you can get a side by side comparison chart between Eucon and MCU? I can’t find anything online. All the titles I’m finding center around working with Pro Tools or Resolution Depths of Eucon v MCU. What I’d like to know is what will Eucon do that MCU won’t?

Anyone know of such a chart?

Nope. Sorry.

Off the top of my head the one difference that always annoys me when working with MCU is that there’s a lag before the fader picks up written automation and the motor engages after you release on “touch”. So if I’m in touch for example and I’m riding a fader over automation that’s already been written, and I release, it takes like half a second or more before it starts moving from where I left it - i.e. returns to the written value. To me that’s super-annoying because within that tiny amount of time I might want to start writing again. Unfortunately then it’ll start writing when I touch it a second time which won’t be in the correct location relative to the previously written automation, so I get the wrong values. Drives me nuts.