EUCON Volume Control still not working

I’m using an EUCON Controller (Avid S3).

Simple Volume Control is still not working in a pro sense when working in Nuendo…

  • when a fader is simply touched (without moving it!) Nuendo writes a negative volume automation value (it varies, mostly -0.25dB, sometimes more like 0.4dB). That is a no-go imo.

  • trim mode does give a wrong parameter feedback! When in trim mode, the faders jump to the middle position, but so does the parameter displayed on the surface! When in 0dB middle position the display tells me that I am mixing a -12,25dB, when trimming let’s say -2db, the display tells me that I am trimming -13,75dB.

I am asking when this finally will be fixed, I mean, if very simple volume control is not working reliable on EUCON, then…

This problem is Nuendo-only, it does not occur in PT.