Eucon with 5.5 not working here, then app data problem


I’ve tried to get Eucon working with 5.5

64bit - no Eucon option shows up
32bit - crashes 5.5 when selecting Eucon in device remote menu

When I returned to 5.1.1 Eucon had disappeared from my setup. Odd.
Tried Eucon re-install still no show.
Ended up doing a clean install of 5.1 - saved my app data first to preserve key commands but when returned to new installed N5.1 Eucon is back - great - but no key commands & templates showing even though I can see them in app data folder! Why not?

Any ideas??!!



Have you remembered to add “EuCon” to the Remote Devices in Device Setup?

No EUCON here in the remote list either in 5.5 x64(win). Haven’t tried it out earlier so don’t know…


For 5.5 you need the new Eucon adapter from the SB website. I just googled Nuendo 5.5 eucon adapter and found the link.

Installed both latest version of EUCON and latest version of Steinberg adapter, no luck.

Well, maybe that is the problem… new AVID branded MC MIX with EuCON 2.6…


I forgot an important thing - to register it on the eLicenser.
Then the activation fun starts again, not a valid serial number…
I have just registered it successfully at AVID with this serial n, so what’s up?
BTW, is it really necessary to have this on the dongle too?


My MC Mix is unresponsive, too. I believe I’ve updated, installed and registered everything I could find. I’ll be watching here for something I may have missed, thanks.

Oh, forgot to say it works in PT9 and Sequoia :wink:

So, I uninstalled Eucon, installed an earlier one, no difference, and then I re-installed Eucon 2.6. And it is working!

I wish I knew why it started working but I’ll take it.

Good to hear it worked!
Which earlier version did you install?

Make sure that the .dll’s are in the correct folder.
Not before my machine, but search your disc for the .dll’s.
I am pretty sure that the install path is incorrect.


So which folder is that? I think the latest Nuendo Adapter is included with latest Eucon 2.6 release, but installed the one on Steinberg site as well. What is strange is that it shows “loading Euconadapter” at start up, but no Eucon on the remote device list… and again, my MC MIX serial is not accepted. Does it need to bre eLicensed to show up in the remote list?


Again: not in front of my machine now.
Search your disc for the .dll’s. Locate your “old”/working .dll and make sure the new one is in the same folder and/or place.


I think that yes you do need your dongle to have the eucon license on it for it to be available in your devices. I bought mine just after avid changed the serial numbers, and had issues with elicenser accepting them, SB support sorted it out for me overnight though. Email them with your issue.

I don’t have an Old/working dir, first time with this controller :wink:
I have sent a support request to Steinberg about it…

For eucon to work with nuendo there must be 3 things in place, in this order is best too.

  1. license for artist series on your elicenser dongle.

  2. The correct/current euconadapter.dll in the ‘components’ folder inside your Nuendo 5.5 program files folder.

  3. Finally add the eucon device in your device list within Nu5.5

Apart from one very annoying bug with controls being locked out during realtime mixdown (which Thorsten has said will be fixed) Artist series is working very nicely with Eucontrol 2.6 and Nu5.5! Except now I have horrible AVID logos everywhere on my panels when I boot up!!! :frowning: hehe

“Which earlier version did you install?”

Sorry for the late reply - I tried going back to 2.5.6 which had worked in 5.1. When I uninstalled that and installed 2.6 my MC Mix began working normally.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Sam!
FIrst thing is to get the license then…
BTW I have a lot of buzz noises from this unit, even when faders are still at some fader positions…


BTW I have a lot of buzz noises from this unit, even when faders are still at some fader positions…

This is a place to start looking:

Not true for the latest euconadapter and N5.5 (C6)

Here’s some info:

the new and separate Steinberg EuCon Adapter (installer)
will work for Cubase 6(.0.3) and Nuendo 5.5. on or later
versions. You can use N5.1.1 and N5.5. on the same
machine also with your EuCon device. When working with
N5.1. the relevant Adapter will be installed by the EuControl
software installer (apply after Nuendo installation) placing
the Adapter into the “components” folder inside the Nuendo
program folder. In that case this (older) Adapter will be
placed into both N5.1. and N5.5 program folder. For that
please remove the (old version of the) EuCon Adapter from
the N5.5. program (components) folder and execute the
Steinberg EuCon Adapter installer for installing the compatible
Adapter for N5.5. I hope that helps !

For those that have tried to install old Eucon software, remove the eucon…dll from the N5.5 components folder and reinstall the eucon adapter downloaded from Steinberg.

The new correct path for the dll is in some common folder.
And N5.5 is know to work with the latest Avid Eucon 2.6.x release.