EuControl 3.5 released


As per 17.10.2016, AVID announced and released a new update for EuControl devices.

To be download and install as usual.

Changes mainly in conjunction with ProTool or the S3/S6 consoles.

What’s Fixed in EuControl v3.5
In addition to the Performance Improvements, EuControl 3.5 includes fixes for the following issues.
• EuControl would sometimes crash after deleting all tracks in a session or project (GSWSW-10303)
• EuControl would not always recognize EUCON applications when installed on a clean Windows OS

So far no improvements for the Artist series.

After first tests a remarkable reduction of the start-up time is noticed.
The device versions for the Artist Control and Artist Mix remain unchanged.


The Avid download site has this to say (it’s coloured red on the Avid site):

The EUCON performance improvements included in S6 v3.5 makes v3.5 and later versions incompatible with all previous versions of EUCON and EuControl. As a result, version 3.5 and future versions must not be run on the same network (subnet) as any previous EUCON Surface software. All devices on the network must be running the same version of EUCON/EuControl. Please uninstall or remove from the same network all previous S6, System 5 Hybrid, S5-MC/MCPro, Pro Tools | Dock, Pro Tools | S3, and Artist Series software. Be sure to update any other EUCON software to v3.5 or higher before using EuControl v3.5 or higher.

The most recent Cubase plug-in is called “EuCon Helper” in the Plug-in Information window, and “eucon.bundle” on the disk, and has a version mumber of The question is, if this is compatible with EuControl 3.5, or do we need to wait (a coupled of years :wink: ) until Stenberg has updated it?

@Svenne: EuControl 3.5 works properly here with Cubase Pro 8.5.2

Thanks streamingtheatre, but an official response to this important question would be greatly appreciated.

To the moderators. Why has this important thread been hidden away in the Steinberg Lounge? And at “German Forums” at that! If you care to read the text, it is in English! Please correct.

Thnx, 3.41 one didn’t work for me, but 3.5 seems to work correctly again