EuControl 3.7 for AVID Artist Controllers


to whom it may concern

Just announces - “New Software Release EuControl Version 3.7.0”

All EuControl Devices / EuControl Software
• New feature - VCA spill from the iPad Control App to the Artist Mix, Artist Control and S3
• New feature - Automation mode indication on S3 and Artist Series media controllers now show correct modes on the OLED’s. When the Rec key is set in preferences to control automation modes, the LED now indicates write/writing.
• When using locked strip assignments in configurations with more than eight faders, banking was inefficient. Note: Beginning in EuControl 3.7, when there are eight or more available (unlocked) strips, surfaces will bank by eight strips at a time. When there are seven or fewer available strips, surfaces will bank by the number of available strips.
• Layouts would not store attentioned/selected track assignment
• The command “Bank to End” often would not
• It was possible for the surface SHIFT LED to incorrectly indicate SHIFT status after adding or removing a surface in EuControl > Surfaces
• It was possible for solos to clear after recalling a Layout while in PFL mode

For me personally, the size of the fonts for the Artist Control have been corrected to “normal”, means all text fields are back to previous (EuControl 3.6) version.
Means as well - resize the hand made button text to a bigger font size :wink: