eucontrol.exe huge memory leak

After getting an error in cubase 6 today after working for a few hours, i thought I’d check my taskmanager.I was surprised when i saw that euconrol.exe was using 1.9 gigabytes of Ram!! hence my error.

i shutdown eucontro; and restarted,eucontrol was now showing about 30 meg which would be normal.

After another 5 hours of working same thing happened, i opened up the taskmanager and again eucontrol.exe was showing 1.3 GB of memory used.
eucon memory leak.jpg
Can anyone else confirm this, it seem quite a serious issue?


I was just looking at the task manager with cubase open and eucon running.
Eucon started out at about 68,000K, as as I was using Play, Stop, Shuttle and such on the MC Transport, the Eucon Memory was adding about 40-50 bytes per second while Cubase was playing.
I let this go for 10 min or so, and by the time I was done it had counted up to 76,376K
I would imagine that this will just continue to add.

Confirmed. I am up to over a gig for eucon after a few hours…

Ok, well there’s certainly a problem here. Do any of you guys have pro tools or some other eucon host you could try it with so we can rule out cubase?


I just did the same test in Protools9.
It it the same behaviour.
Watching the EuControl.exe in windows task manager, whilst the transport is playing, the Memory value is “counting up” at the same rate about 40-50 bytes/sec. when you hit stop on the transport or you are not using the MC Transport or MC Control, just sitting there idle , the “counting up” stops.

thanks John,

I’ve emailed avid tech support but it took them 6 weeks to reply to my last support email so I hope they get onto this sooner!!!

when launched econtrol.exe is 16 meg by the end of today I was up at 1.6 gigs again :frowning:


There is also a thread going in the Avid forums:
I have also emailed tech support, I will let youknow what I hear.

Does anybody have news on this?

I have the same. Memory usage of EuControl increases by 1 MByte every 4 seconds. After a 2 hour session I have 2.2 GBytes allocated for EuControl.