EuControl + PT Control: Better Management of Configuration?

I started using the PT Control app and was quite positively surprised. There’s really a lot of commands you can program, and even macros. Really great!

But after using it for some time, I wanted to change the layout and move the buttons according to how I work. And then things started to get really annoying. The EuControl editor seems to be stuck in 1990. Or am I missing something? This is what I’d like to do.

  1. Save the complete configuration under a name so if I screw up, I can get back to square 1.

  2. Make several different configurations and name them. Currently it seems as if EuControl takes the name of the app and you can only save configurations under this name. When you change something and want to save it, you have to overwrite the last config. You cannot make a new configuration for that tool.

  3. Move and copy paste cells so I can quickly re-arrange stuff according to my workflow. Have all cells on one screen that I need for my editing. But I haven’t found a way of moving them. Do you really have to clear each cell and then look for that function through all the complex and deep menu structures?

So it seems the idea is really great and it works very well and stable. But configuring this thing is impossible without pulling out every last hair on your head and using your whole vacation for this simple task. The tool is awful. Or did I miss something.

If you’re interested, I added feature requests to Avid’s board. You can vote them up here:

Open the “Ideas Contributed” section below my profile. There you can vote for the features you think are useful.