EuControl / Workstation 3.4.1 available


As per today, AVID announced and released a new update for EuControl.

To be download and install as usual.

Changes mainly in conjunction with ProTool or the S3/S6 consoles.

Pro Tools 12.5.0 could cause loss of backwards-compatibility of Layouts (PT-214204)
When EuControl 3.4.0 was co-installed with S6 2.2.0, surface Detach would sometimes fail (EUCON-4848)
EuControl: The keyboard shortcut to Return Keyboard and Mouse control could fail on the first remote Workstation connection (EUCON-3018)
In the Preferences tab of EuControl Settings, the setting VCA Spill overwrites layout has been renamed (corrected) to be VCA Spill overrides layout (EUCON-4851)
In the Workstation tab of EuControl Settings, it was possible to drag a workstation into the My Workstations list while Enable Ex- ternal Workstations was not enabled (EUCON-4851)
Co-install (EuControl 3.4 and S6 2.2.241): if “Enable External Workstations” option is enabled, the workstation would not be available in EuControl (EUCON-4854)

Pro Tools | Dock
Fader would sometimes display errors; this is fixed in the new Dock firmware v1.1.8 (EUCON-4693)
The Left Edit section primary layer was unavailable when the Surface SHIFT was latched (EUCON-4791)
Bank and Nudge Button LEDs would not always light to indicate when bank or nudge was available (EUCON-4850)
Bank/Nudge buttons would not work with earlier model iPads (EUCON-4859)

Pro Tools | Control
In Pro Tools | Control, Trim automation state cycled randomly when holding down Trim button to multi-assign (EUCON-4796)
The pan dot in the Pro Tools | Control panner (Channel view) was difficult to hit and engage (EUCON-4809)
In Pro Tools | Control, Soft Keys could trigger incorrect commands while swiping to the next page but before actually changing pages

Pro Tools | S3 and Artist Series
On Pro Tools | S3, recalling a Layout to exit VCA Spill, then recalling another Layout left a stale VCA on Channel Strip 1 (EUCON-4785)
When using Pro Tools | Control with a Dock and an S3, selecting a channel in the Control app would not bank that channel into view on S3 when the Dock fader was assigned to attentioned/selected (EUCON-4786)
Using Pro Tools | S3 in Single Master Mode, VCA Spill would not let you spill the same VCA twice (EUCON-4807, KAM-5317)
Artist Control Soft Keys (below the Touchscreen) might not function if Pro Tools | Control was also connected but Artist Control was listed above Pro Tools | Control in the Surfaces tab of EuControl Settings (EUCON-4845)
Right Side Stereo Panner Puck doesn’t show up on Artist Control Touchscreen (EUCON-4768)

So far no improvements for the Artist series.