Euphonium transposition

It would be nice in the future to have in the setup mode the configuration of the euphonium in sib and treble key.
This is used a lot at home in Europe.
Thanks a lot.

It already exists. Euphonium in B-flat (treble clef). I’ve used this variation a lot for a trumpet player who’s agreed to play euphonium for us…

Not in german Tenorhorn

Hi, Laurent!

The German translations are quite confusing here. The “Tenorhorn” you find is not the thing you think. It is a totally different instrument (in Eb) that’s mainly used in Brass Bands.

Try searching for “Tenorhorn” here in the forums and you’ll find a couple of threads regarding this topic.

Use the Baritone Horn and rename it.

This error has been reported since version 1. Hopefully one day …