Euphonix Artist Control for the PC ???

I just saw on Sweetwater that there is a Euphonix control surface for the PC.

Has anyone checked this unit out? Furthermore, I thought Euphonix only catered to the MAC. Am I understanding something wrong here?Does it have better functionality than Mackie Control or CC121? Does anyone know anything about it or am I the only one who doesn’t know anything about it. Sometimes I can drift out of the loop. :nerd:

yes you’re the only one who doesn’t know this…


Thanks for being so candid my good friend. I found that out. Anyway, I ended up with the new Avid (or Euphonix) Artist Control V2, and loving the hell out of it!!! SO FRECKING AMAZING!!! SUCH VERSATILITY!!! LEAVING ALL OTHER CONTROLLERS IN THE DUST MAN!!! THE THINGS I CAN DO!! MY GOD, THE THINGS I CAN DO!!! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HAAAA!!! :laughing:

I too find these controllers to be far superior to anything else I’ve seen, except maybe the SmartAV stuff, but that is in a whole different price range.

Without a doubt it is by far the best most effective controller I’ve ever dealt with! And I haven’t even touched the surface of its capabilities!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

yep, they’re great, it’s amazing though how I still end up reaching for my CC121 for a lot of things before my ‘desk’ of Euphonix controllers :slight_smile:

for me a major gripe is the response of the touch screen, compared to my phones/android tablets it’s very poor, oh and the screen flicker annoys me more than i would have thought.


What version do you have? Saw none of what you just mentioned when researching on Youtube & many other sources - and see none ot it on mine. I have th Avid Artist Control V. 2 (they only make them in all black colors). I did a thorough reseach berfore I purchased and those complaints never came up on any version or any unit. As a matter of a fact the response and speed of the Eucon ethernet connection is much fastter than that of midi by a long shot. I seriously suggest you check with Euphonics service dept., with those kinds of defects its quite possible you may have a seriously defective unit. As for the CC121, I’ve heard good things about it but it’s not designed to efficeintly deal with the huge mulitple channel workloads I deal with. I actually have one, just never opened it. Not yet anyway. I have the Avid Artist Mix on order.

I have the Artist control v2 but not the black one. The connection speed isn’t an issue but the touch screen quite often takes me two or 3 taps to register, maybe it’s my fingers,and there’s definitely a high frequency screen flicker.This was a common complaint about the V1 so i waited to get the V2 and it’s still there only not as obvious.


Really don’t know what th say Brook, I have none those problems. This thing is rock solid :laughing:!! And I’ll tell you what… if I did have those problems after spending $1,400.00, I would have taken the darn thing back. Maybe its your computer or house voltage, don’t know. I got a couple of friends with this unit and none of them have any of the problems you’re talking about. Also, check youtube, there are loads of people showing this item and none of them are having your problems. Good luck-

As I said its a known issue.


Yes, I read those, still there were some who didn’t have the problem. But two things:
1.) The trhead is a year old, a lot could happen to solve a problem in a year.
2.) Those indivuduals were referring to the Euphonix MC Control not the Avid Artist Contrl, even though they may or may not be the same, it would seem not. From what I’ve been told by Avid there are no "Avid “Artist Controls V2s” made in silver, they are all black. Even though they are both now one company (Avid & Euphonix) I was told they were changed to black to highlight the difference between Avid and the Euphonix Brand name because of the AVID brand name appeares on the newer black units. I know because I preferred silver and asked about it, Avid informed me they were no longer available because it was Euphonix’s version of the unit; perhaps they changed more than the color. I suspect the Avid Artist Control V2s are a bit newer than the Euphonix control. You say yours is not all black, according to Avid you have the Euphonix unit. All I know is that I don’t notice any flickering, sorry I can’t oblige. Not saying it doesn’t exist, you’ve proven it does (atleast with the Euphonix control). I do know it is the best and most solid controller I’ve had the pleasure of using and I plan to expand on it. I love it :laughing:!!! Thank you-