Euphonix Artist Series and Cubase 6 64 bit WIN7

Any one using this combo yet?
I am pretty stoked to get 6 and the new eucon adapter to accompany my new euphonix drivers for windows!!!

Should be fun to have the best of the 64 bit processing and euphonix workflow! – all assuming this works

no one?

My Cubase 6 is due for delivery on thursday so will let you know how it goes :smiley:


awesome thanks!!!
I am hoping they get their US shipments out ASAP!

Fingers crossed everything is actually functional!!

Multiple threads in the hardware section about this.

Basically, works great with x32 version of Cubendo. Does NOT work with x64 versions of Cubeno.

There are x64 bit drivers and Euphonix says it’s up to Steinberg to provide the rest. So far, I have not seen a comment from a Steinberg rep about support in the x64 versions of Cubendo.

buuut what about this sucker??

says 64 bit? or is that the latest “it works on a 64 bit OS, but not a 64 bit DAW” cop out – because i am growing increasingly sick of it :smiling_imp:

hopefully euphonix/steiny get off their respective asses on this one

This would be one of those cases where I am hoping to get called out for being completely wrong. But, I’ve read several attempts to get it to work with C6 x64 without luck. the DUC board and a posted e-mail from Euphonix support point the finger directly at Steinberg.

So, it is “it works on a 64 bit OS, but NOT a 64 bit DAW”

Come on Chris tell me how full of crap I am PLEASE!

I’m hoping the latest eucon software will work with cubase x64, it does say it only works with Cubase 6 I had to get the older one for cubase5.

Anyway I’ll know on Thursday, I’ll be really hacked off if it doesn’t work


NB = guinea pig


could anyone from steinberg comment on this?

…or are they just waiting to see if it works for ya? :mrgreen:

You’ll be pleased to hear I’ve just installed Cubase 6 x64 and Eucon works fine :smiley: the problem is with cubase 5 x64 as the eucon adapter is for cubase 6 only.

Anyway it’s all working very smoothly :slight_smile:


Excellent news for me … rotten news for my daughters college fund.

woot woot!!!
now just waiting on the cubase 6 upgrade to arrive stateside…
should be fun!