Euphonix (Avid) Artist Mix

I’ve recently acquired a Euphonix (Avid) Artist Mix and, although I’ve done a ton of searches, I can’t find all of the “hidden” features. I’m loving this thing and I’d just like to be able to use it to it’s full potential. Any tips would be greatly appreciated…

Hi you,

One of the really annoying things is that Steinberg does not deliver a full documentation of its Eucon implementation. The Avid documentations are rudimentary at best. One general tip that I can give you is to try all the side-buttons in two modes: short press and press longer than 3 seconds.
With and without shift.
There are some guys here who really do use the avid things and know a lot. I hope they will chime in!

HTH, Ernst

Let me use this thread to remind STEINBERG that they promised to fix the visibility issues with EUCON-Devices: The visibility settings of cubase are not reflected on the EUCON controllers. This is due to Steinbergs Eucon implementation or more precisely their continued lack of care for this important component. Steinberg used the “EUCON-Implementation available” argument as a selling argument for Cubase in the past so they OWE their customers to improve and document the EUCON implementation carefully.