Euphonix changes mixer view when I select a track

When I’m selecting a track (or especially when I add or delete a track), my mixer window changes their channel layouts to all Meter Views. This only started happening with my Euphonix Controllers installed. Any way to stop it from messing with my mixer view?


What Euphonix controller are you using?
How are you selecting the track:
With a mouse click?
With the Euphonix controller?
With key command?
More details are needed to help.

Thanks, I have one of each (Transport, Mixer, Control).
Will just use a specific example.
Right-click in the Cubase timeline view, select Add track from the popup window, boom, the mixer goes from my usual Insert view to the Meter view.

I just did a test. I do not have that problem here.
If I a add tracks, the new tracks appear in the mixer with the same view as the existing tracks, nothing changes.
I am using Cubase 6.05 Windows 7 64 bit.
I don’t know what to suggest other than “trashing” your preferences. Just back them up first.