Euphonix-fixed groups question


As i get more and more into the euphonix there’s one feature I really miss from my Houston. ON the houston there was a ‘groups’ button, hitting this would focus just the group channels,which made the final mix tweaks from the groups(stems) very convenient.

Is there anyway to do this with a euphonix artist control/mix. It would be great to have the 4 faders of the control locked to say the group channels in a default template for example and just have the mix banking as normal.



Own an AVID artist control V2 since months and work with the group channels using the “track” menu.

As another option, you are able to define some “layouts”.
I your case, if I understood you correct, you go to the EuControl design menu (on your PC/MAC) and define the tracks you want in the “surface” tab. (Could be any number, but makes sense to have it grouped by 4ch to switch faster with the “banks” command). You can as well define several different “layouts”, having the group channels for 1-4, 5-8, etc.

I use this “layouts” feature very often for the comparison of the recorded song with the “reference song”, if I do the final mix-down. I have then on the most left channel the reference song and can switch with the other three channels thru the mixer setup.

You find the procedure decribed in the artist control user guide, chapter 6, EuControl, surfaces.