Euphonix MC Mix on PC


I just purchased an MC Mix and I plan to use it on both Mac (OS 10.6.6) and PC (Seven 64). Installation was easy on both platforms, and everything work on Mac. But as the MC appears in the EuControl Windows, the Eucon line doesn’t in the device list of Nuendo.

What did I make wrong ?


Off the the top of my head … Did you put the dll in the folder? Did you expand the “+” for the devices?

Thanks Roger for helping,

Yes I expanded the list, that’s there where Eucon doesn’t appear.

For the .dll I don’t understand. I installed the Eucontrol software, and the Eucon adapter from Steinberg.


So, exploring the Mac and the PC, I found that euconadapter.dll is in the c:\program\Steinberg\Nuendo5\components\ folder, but isn’t shown in the Plugin Information Nuendo’s window. Does anybody knows how to fix this issue ?


Are you running N5 32 bit on your win7 64 install?

N5 64bit won’t work with eucon yet AFAIK

I’m running seven 64 with Nuendo 64. On Euphonix site, there is both versions of MC Mix drivers, 32 and 64.


I’m afraid you’re right, as far as I see on the net.


according to support a solution will come at the end of January, so I guess it is the upcoming release.

Wait & see, thanks Shauli.


I don’t see it in the update. Very disappointing, VERY VERY disappointing.

So did I. I am very disappointed as well. And I have to bring an MR816x back to the seller, not working too.

Pfffffff !


Hello Jean Michel, for Nuendo PC there is no 64 bit EuCon Adapter available yet. For C.6
the EuCon Adapter is 64 bit capable but not compatible for N5 for technical reasons. We
are working on a 64 bit version, please be a little bit patient. In the meanwhile you could
use N5.1.1 32bit on Win7 64bit using EuControl software 64bit. Thanks & best regards, Tino

Thanks Tino, that’s what I did. Everything work great. I think the docs from Steinberg and Euphonix could be more clear on this limitations. That’s not a show stopper for me, just a lost of time.