EUPHONIX MC Pro: not sending EUCon-commands

I’ve posted this issue on as well, as I think it’s a firmware/hardware-issue, but since the MC pro was actually built for Nuendo, and there are quite a lot of MC Pro and 5MC-users over here , I might give it try here?!

I’ve recently bought a second hand silver MC Pro V1.10 , EuCon Version 3.1.3 , MC Client version 3.2.2.

When I use it in my Nuendo everything works as expected, but it seems that neither of the jog/shuttle-rings send EuCon-commands.
When I dial either of the rings, the track list of my Nuendo (or ProTools) moves up and down so they seem to work physically, but the rings show no result when I dial them after pressing the jog or shuttle buttons on my MC-surface.
The same counts for jog-commands like fade-in/out, trim, move etc. etc.

Also; the “Lock Trackball”-buttons on neither of the 2 modules work. The MC Pro diagnostics have proven that the switches and LEDs work, but pressing the buttons show no reaction.

Is there some setting (in the OS maybe?) I’m overlooking?
Any help welcome!

Niek/ Amsterdam.