euro 2012

aaahh sorry yankies this is a euro topic .

im english but i recon germany will win the euro cup agains’t italy in the final !

Yeah, if Germany wins our dear friends in Hamburg will be happy :wink: .

Quiet in here innit…


good morning Mauri im sure they will be ,technically the germans are brilliant so they should go all the way to the finals and if they win i think steiny should give us a free c6 update :laughing: :laughing: .
your right as this is a euro subject it is very quiet in here . :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


:question: Is this a thread about the Eurovision Ball Kicking Contest?

it certainly is mr duck ,no doubt this thread will be removed ,but like the old carry on films ,"lets carry on regardless "

I think it gonna be Spain against Germany…

All this 2nd of the world nonsense is out of the window, glad that’s out of the way for us Dutchies :sunglasses:
We couldn’t have done much worse than this, 1 single goal in 3 matches, 6 against, 3 losses. failfailfail

If germany gets master we get a new synth for free ^^

Of course… :wink:

Yeah, HALion 4 would suffice… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: !


But only for German users :laughing:

Now now, let’s not get so parochial :wink: . I was born in Finland, that’s close to Germany, and I want a free synth too :stuck_out_tongue: .


:laughing: But you’re now in Australia, you cant get much further away than that :mrgreen: no free synth for you :smiley:

Amazing i was just joking because of the endless thread no more synths please but if it is free their are reactions me too.
Indeed very interresting behaviour.

i think if germany win we all deserve a free neve plugin :laughing: :laughing:

So were we :sunglasses:

How about we all GIVE something if Germany wins, like promise to update to Cubase 7 when it’s released :wink: ?

Maybe then we’ll get a free synth or sampler…

Yes, we are still joking :wink:


Unfortunately the Germans don’t come to terms with the spanish short passing game & that’s why they won’t make it. Nevertheless they are a real team, they’ve been playing the most attractive football over the last tournaments (remember how they smashed England & Argentinia during the last WC) and that makes them the real champions of hearts. Very sad to see the Dutch performing so poorly. I’ve always been a great fan of their offensive style of playing.

Sure, me’s also looking forward to the Cubase 6.EUC2012-extra Championship-free Halion 4+armada-of-other-synths-give away-bonus-edition…

Rumour has it that the Aussies & the Finns get a free denoiser plug-in, if Germany’s gonna win. I think that’s a nice gesture from the Steinberg people…

Schöne Grüße


The turf is not in the best condition… we should all get free “pitch correction” software. Hup Nederland! Oh, are they out already?

Yes, they’re gone!

So this is for our Dutch friends:

It says, “Which animals don’t score goals?” (“Welche Tiere schießen keine Tore?”)
The answer is, “Seals” (“Robben” -> Dutch player Arjen Robben from FC Bayern Munich)

Here’s another good one: German defender Mats Hummels and a bunch of very, very frustrated Dutch players

Tot ziens