Eurotrash dance producer seeking collabs

Finally started uploading my noise to be lost in the vast abyss of vibration. If you want to get involved with similar projects or current tracks uploaded, shot me a message, happy to share. I’m in Cubase 13 and mostly use Avenger, mostly!

Click this link for Spotify etc

Nice work!!

Thank you

Don’t forget… anyone seeing this, I’m looking for collabs! it’s extremely hard to find people to work with.

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I’d participate but I suck :slight_smile:

What have you got? what do you do? I mostly suck too!

I’m happy to share projects once I’ve made the zip.

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Just remeber… You asked :slight_smile:

These are some recent ones over the past six-odd months… I have a strange affinity for girl vox, no particular reason… Just comes out that way…

Hey… Can you send some links too?

(if this is embarrasingly terrible its ok… I know… I do love doing it tho!!)

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I’ll have a listen to these now and reply later today.

This link is for my 1st upload, Put Your Hands Together by MitchieMasha - DistroKid

I’m on soundcloud too mitchiemasha

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Losers without borders! Yes! i love this! Your sound is very 80’s light, easy going, with good energy to keep things interesting.

These are very much a guilty pleasure for me

So yes I very much love these kind of female vocals. I’ve sent links of ‘losers without borders’ to some of my DJ friends to see what they think. So far I’m getting a “yeah, Cascada it”… and “the singer reminds me of the lead form the Divinyls”

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Thanks!! I’m crazy about 80s girl bands… I guess my bias is coming through. When I was producing in the 80s trying to get a career going, I focused on girl singers (maybe becuase I wanted to get laid :)) but there was always something so fresh, simple and pure about the bangles, gogos, runaways, banshees and so on. Maybe it was the perspective - writing about girl things - that made it more fun. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s easier writing short stories about fictional characters than real ones, or myself for that matter.

Ah yes, the Bangles, “all those cops in the doughnut shops”… something very captivating about the tone/texture of Susan’s vocal chords when singing this section of the song. I wish they’d captured this in more tracks she’s in. I’ve never been able to quite put it into words.

For writing, I’m no good at this at all, coming up with catchy melodies or good chord progressions, I spend more time playing with sounds trying to get them big, i’m not there yet, but hopefully soon.

I’d love to try do a pumped up Eurodance style version of ‘Losers without borders’, then try some others. If you have midi and stems… i’ll likely try 3 or 4 different versions, 1 being bounce (donk), a 90’s style eurodance, a naughties dance clubland style Cascada thing and crank the BPM’s even further for a full on Makina version (there’s loads of DJ’s into this style over my way and if I get the mix right, they will play it in their sets).

Completely agree. I still melt when I listen to her. I’m holding onto the hope that she’ll end up wife #3 :slight_smile: Love your plans for the tune. How can I get you the stems/cpr etc?

Just put everything in a zip, upload the Zip to a cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox any will do, send me the link. I’ll track it up and go from there, see what I need.

Will do… Last question… I work at 96k, 24 bit. What format would you like for cpr, stems?

Can I get your email address for the link?

Yes, message sent. I’m looking forward to trying this out, to see how it works! Excited!!!

Me too!!

Having a chuckle to myself over me not having 1 VST that you’ve used. Not to worry though. This midi will be good. I’ll have a play today!

I’ve received your new stems… and all refuelled, ready to try this again now.

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Great!!! Can’t wait to hear what you do with the track!!

I’ve made a lil video about the vocal stem being combined. Messaged!

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