Evaluating Cubase 12

I’ve been trying out Cubase 12 Pro.

So far, many of the bugbears and issues still remain. :frowning:

• Notepad doesn’t persist font size
• Configurations still messy to work with (why can’t you just ‘lock’ a configuration?)
• No lyric track
• No dedicated stock gain for inserts (would be useful with optional meter for gain staging at points in the inserts chain)
• Can’t easily change gain on a range in project window
• No midi select every other note
• No Follow Transpose Track for new audio clips option (The newly bounced audio clip defaults to follow the transpose track. If you forget to change it, it can get you into real trouble in the project & workflow and cost time)

There’s quite a lot, I might compile a full list if I get some free time.

Also, Cubase 12 is freezing sometimes when using Direct Offline Processing. I’ve only been using stock plug-ins and processes. That’s a big one for us, as you have to close it with Task Manager (Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 21H2) and then open the .bak file. Lost time/work is a big no-no.

Still can’t run larger VST instrument templates. This is very disappointing. Why is it that I can with Sonar or Reaper or Cubase 7.5, but not Cubase 12?

In the past, I’ve run Vienna Ensemble Pro on the same machine. This solution does work, as there is more than enough RAM and CPU processing capacity remaining even though the Cubase ASIO meter is high / maxing out. But it’s cumbersome when you can do it all in one place in other DAWs.

sighs :frowning:

That’s quite an extensive list :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems to me like some of the expectations you had in Cubase 12 might not reflect the priorities of the developers and/or match the expectations of the general user base of Cubase.

I have no use for a lyric track for example. It might be a nice feature though but I’d love to see spacial audio integrated better into Cubase and some of the minor issues fixed. Like, the score editor which still looks the same since Cubase 3.04 (before the SX jump) and has serious layout/printing issues in some situations.

I don’t need to change the gain on a range or I have a different way of working with a project to achieve that. Have you tried grouping faders together and then writing an automation track for these? That way you might be able to do a gain change within a selected range…

You can however, write a more detailed feature request on every single point you mention and then see how the community resonates with it.

I do agree with the configurations issue. There are many instances when I have problems loading/saving a monitor output configuration especially if there is only one “Default” preset. Somehow it seems to ignore some settings I do and just doesn’t save them into the preset. I wonder if this gets resolved with a future update.

Otherwise I am quite happy with Cubase. It’s feature-rich just really, really cluttered after so many years. They added so many little things that already have aged. A good example is the VR/Head tracking stuff. I am not sure if many users use this at all. It should be removed or replaced with a more modern option. Nowadays we have Airpods spacial audio like I mentioned before. I would want for Steinberg to do a bit of a springtime cleaning with release 13 and just remove old clutter and fix some annoyances that have stapled up in 20 years.

Try this in the Logical Editor:

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Great!! Thank you :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Do you know how I can do it so it starts on the first note and then selects every other (it always starts on the 2nd) ?

After the above you could use menu Edit → Select → Invert.
Keep in mind that you can define the LE preset and the Invert function as a macro and assign a new key command to it.