Even in N12, 11, 10

I worked on Pro Tools for about ten days. Then I came back to Nuendo (12) for my Atmos project. Both have good points and not-so-good ones. But Cubendo is hard on the eyes in places and for no reason. I think that the interface problems of N13, such as the 100% white, which creates a contrast too harsh for the eyes, were already there in germ in N12 (1). I recoil at the aggression of those bold, 100% white track names, and then at the reversals of the tracks selected in the edit window, as with the event names. I don’t know what kind of screens Cubendo’s designers work on, but the result here is very harsh. Let’s hope there will soon be alternatives to wearing sunglasses to work.

(1) In fact, it’s older than version 12. I wonder when that bold white arrived. Version 10?

Note: the image below is less contrasted than what I see in front of me in Nuendo, which is much worse.

p.s. Let’s take a look at Logic Pro. There are shades of gray. That’s what we need.



Perhaps I’m misreading this, but that sounds like your monitor/screen is set to a high brightnes, saturation and contrast… did you calibrate it?
That might help tone the new GUI down.

It’s calibrated correctly (I’m a graphic designer by profession), and in any case I compare it with other software used in the same place. That said, it would be a temporary solution. I’ve always found it annoying that Windows doesn’t offer calibrations that can be easily recalled depending on the interface used. There may be software for that. But the first thing would be for SB to offer options.

But anyway, I admit it was a mood post, not useful, especially as I’ve already talked about it. I tried to delete it but couldn’t find the trick…

At the same time, the two hearts on this post tell me I’m not alone.

Without wishing to add fuel to the fire of competition, here’s a comparison with Pro Tools (which, however, now has many graphic adjustment options). Look at the use of shades of gray. Like Logi Pro, it’s easier on the eyes.

Ah i did not know that and explains why you are so opinioned about this. Anyway your post is not moot (or mood). I only read a possible user-error, which clearly it is not.
I don’t really mind colors in daws or other bright but i’m not a graphic designer :slight_smile:

You’re certainly right. I’m more sensitive to that aspect. But there are still a ton of unhappy people about N13’s interface, and Sb said he’d fix that. But if you don’t mind, I’m happy for you!