Even playback vs. record/monitoring volume?


I’m pretty new to Cubase. I’m using my M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro to record Midi stuff with the integrated soundcard on my PC. Everything works fine so far but one problem remains:

Let’s say I load Spitfire’s BBCSO and arm the track for recording or activate monitoring. Volume was a bit low at first but I could just turn the volume up on my speakers. So everything sounded fine, I recorded a bit and when I hit playback it was noticeably louder than the monitoring sound.
It’s kind of hard to record multiple instruments like this because the already recorded tracks sometimes drown out the part I’m currently recording because it is so quiet.

Is there a way to adjust the playback and the monitoring/armed tracks so that their output volume is equal?

I use Cubase 12 Pro btw.

Anyone can help me?