Evenly horizontal spacing

Hi community,

i am about to set up a rather complicated and complex piece of huge music (108 Players). I will give Dorico a try with this partitura i normally would use Finale for. So i will put in some upcoming problematic parts to see how Dorico reacts.

Is it possible to have these bars evenly horizontally spaced, so that the dashed barlines are not that narrow as they are now?
Maybe i have to tell you what i did to achieve this:

  • it’s a 3/8|3/8|3/8|3/8 measure the rests in the Rototoms are hidden via Rightclick/Percussion/Change Voice/Extra Down Stem Voice
  • to get the half eighth beam, there is a note on the 2.count with hidden stem and hidden notehead

This is a screenshot:

and if you want to try out…

This is the file:
Polychronia.zip (446 KB)

When you “remove rests”, you’re entirely removing that voice from the staff. If there are no voices on a staff, Dorico can’t calculate horizontal spacing.

The good news is that as soon as you enter notes on the other staves, this spacing will sort itself out.

Ah, i see…
The bad news is, that there is no more music than this for the next 80 bars, here and there other Roto-tom hits will occur (as there are 12 of them).
I can correct all this with the note spacing thingie, bad news again: you can’t copy note spacing changes :frowning:

So there is nothing like remove rest, make invisible, make veryvery tiny … that lets me have counts in the bars to space…?
Rests also cannot be coloured :frowning:

Check Layout Options–Players–Bar Rests. You can uncheck the box to not show bar rests in empty bars. Then you won’t need to Remove Rests, which is messing up the spacing.