Event automation drag/copy bug?

This is a problem I haven’t been able to get round so wanted to see if there’s a solution to it…

When I’m add automation for tracks (audio and midi) and then collapse or hide the automation folder underneath the audio/midi event, I have noticed the automation does not follow if I drag it to a different time along the track. OR cannot be copied if I copy and paste the audio/midi event to different places on the track

  1. Make an audio/midi event
  2. Draw in automation for the event (ie. volume going up and back down)
  3. Collapse/hide the automation folder
  4. Drag the event to a different position, and/or, copy & paste the event to a 2nd position on the track
  5. Unhide/expand the automation folder
  6. You will see the automation you created exists in the original position of where you created the event, it does not follow the dragged event, nor does it copy across to the copied event you pasted further down the track

Please can this be looked into as it can cause very time consuming issues when attempting to move or copy sections of the project to other positions.
It can be solved by leaving ALL automation tracks Expanded/Shown but with a lot of tracks that makes the project extremely cluttered and makes copying large portions of the project very difficult.

I appreciate any help guys, thanks

Has no one else had this problem? I expected the mods to add it to bugs :astonished:

There won’t be any more bug fixes for anything earlier than Cubase 6 :wink:

As regards the problem you describe, do you have “Automation follows Events” active in the Edit menu? (although, it shouldn’t make any difference if the automation lanes are collapsed or not :confused: )