EVENT - Colour/Handles

Cubase 6.02, PC, Win XP

First problem is with event colours. I’ve searched the preferences to figure out how to get events to display the same way I’m used to in C4, but no luck. I’d prefer red outline when selected, Blue Fade in/out handles, and most of all, is there ANY way to stop the event colour from flipping to negative when selected? I can’t see the fade handles when this happens, and I’m curious what purpose this function actually serves. If anybody can help me get the event display like this please help!!!

2nd, When I cut and paste a section of audio, (with delete overlaps on) I’m not getting fade handles on some parts of the original take. As in, my copied part has the handles, but only on the inside of the event, not out. Any ideas what this could be?

Any help would be great!

I just recently posted about the event colors in another thread…didn’t get a reply.

Do you have a link to your thread?

I’m becoming frustrated with the event display in C6. The negative colour swap when selecting an event is a useless and distracting function, for me. I’d prefer the event be outlined (in red) like like the previous versions of cubase and nuendo I’ve used. It also has made slipping a cut piece of audio (ctrl+alt+mouse) more challenging to be precise. I don’t need to see the wave form in 2 different colours!

As I said before, the fade handles are much harder to see as well. All I can find is how to make them brighter. A bright white handle on a yellow audio track doesn’t help much! Unless the event is selected, then the colour swap, etc. Seems like too many steps when there was nothing wrong with the way it used to be. I apologize for venting on the forum!

If I’m just ignorant and there IS a way to fix all this, PLEASE HELP!

Sure, here is the thread I made. http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=10647

I bet this question is posted 100x a week and that’s why nobody is bothering to respond. In our defense, if there are 100 threads about this, the search engine sucks cause I didn’t find squat.

A yes/no answer would be sufficient.
Can you change the event border/fade handle colors in C6?

Wow, your thread read my mind! Are you having the same colour effect when you select an event as well?

Color effect?

Example: The event colour is yellow, and the wave is white. When I click on it, the colours switch so the wave turns yellow and the event background turns black. This happen for you?

I dont think so, but I could be wrong. The colors do change. The event turns black. The wave gets brighter/lighter. There are settings to adjust some of that in the preferences

Yes! It’s really annoying!!!

Let’s go back to show audio solid in the preferences. The way it was in the previous versions of Cubase.