Event Delay in the info line

I would love to have this option. The offset moves the midi. I want a delay for events.

I’m sorry, how is this different to just changing the Start value?

If I use the offset or move the midi region
The midi moves and I cannot cut events on the grid because part of the first midi note will be cut off.

Because so many libraries have made a big effort to put all articulations on a single track. Some libraries have a very slow staccato or spiccato sound (Spitfire and Cinestrings for example) so to get quick moving passages on rhythm or in time I use the track delay offset. Sometimes the other articulations are not so far off or are off by a different amount. So the track delay does not apply any more. then I have to duplicate the track and set a different delay amount. If I had a “delay” function (same as the track delay function) that applied to events, it would solve this problem. There are many workarounds but they are all workarounds. I don’t like workarounds, I like functions.
Thanks for listening.

Maybe this is a different issue, but -I- have always wanted a way to specify a ‘Starting Articulation’ for every Event. Perhaps this would solve your issue as well. Perhaps not.

And what I mean by that is that I REALLY dislike that I have to put a keyswitch slightly -before- a bar to make sure it is active at the 1st tick of an event. IOW: if the keyswitch and the note it applies to are both at ‘0’ you can’t guarantee that the keyswitch will hit that note. So you -have- to put the keyswitch a tick or two -before 0.

BUT if you could assign a ‘starting articulation’ to every event, that was -guaranteed- to apply to the beginning of the event, you wouldn’t have to screw with that.

The double plus good benefit is that you could then copy events from one bar to another -easily- without worrying that you might chop off the starting articulation.


NIce idea. :sunglasses:

You can assign articulations to each event using expression maps. Make sure the lower right part of the expression map setup windows has “attribute” and not “direction” and then this choice is available from the key editor on the info line.
This makes the score window a mess though but you can duplicate the track and delete the expression map from that track and get a good enough score for quick recordings.

I still want delay offset. Some sample libraries leave a snip right before the note so it sounds very realistic. I am happy they do this however it would be nice to have the midi notes on grid and just the whole event delayed.
again track delay works but if you switch articulations the offset tends to change.