Event display misaligned when changing TEMPO


I have Cubase 8.5.15 PRO and I encountered this weird Event Display misbehaviour when changing Project’s TEMPO when Musical Mode is activated and the recorded Events DO indedd follow the Tempo change and work exactly as they should.

BUT my Group track overall view will NOT follow. There is an edited screen shot picture attached.

So basically what I have done was that when recording Solo guitars I lowered the Project’s TEMPO a lot and then enabled the Musical Mode in the Pool for those recorded Solo guitar files and then RESTORED the project’s TEMPO back to the original 130bpm so that my Solo guitars play also faster according to the Tempo and also they get correctly aligned with the other Audio material on the Project. So that is okay.

But the GROUP FOLDER underwhich those Solo guitar tracks are displays the overall Event views incorrectly. Meaning that these overall Event placement previews STAY on the positions according to that lowered Tempo (51bpm) while I recorded the Solos.

See the attached picture for details. It includes the descriptions and arrows in RED color and the misaligned positions in GREEN colored lines. I hope You can figure out the problem from the image.


PS. I tried inserting the picture right within this post with the [img] tag feature but the service complais that it could determine the dimenstions of the image so I put both the direct URL to the picture and also put it as an attachment just in case.

EDIT: Restarting Cubase fixed the issue but it should not happen anyway.

How bizarre! I don’t even see how that could have happened :confused: .
Just try taking those tracks out of the Folder track, then putting them back in it.