event display preference from cubase and VIDEO ENGINE

hello, i really like that in Cubase we can choose to display MIDI blocks, controllers, and audio waveforms in white or be able to choose our preferred shade for them…
is this ever going to make it in Nuendo? it could be really handy and useful for some of us.

also, another question…where can i find a detailed explanation of the differences between Cubase and Nuendo’s VIDEO ENGINES ?

thanks in advance for your help
all the best!

+1 to audio waveforms in white or being able to choose our preferred shade

thanks! i posted it in the feature request forum too

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Hi Mike,

in general Cubase and Nuendo use the same Video Engine. But Nuendo has some video features Cubase does not have.
E.g. Video Pull, Burned-in Timecode, ADR video overlays, 2 video tracks, more supported video file containers and some “Edit-to-picture” features (Edit-Mode).

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i opened another thread reporting a video problem and a mouse problem…i hope you can look at it as soon as you can.

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