Event Editor not in Elements 10?


I am trying out Cubase Elements and trying to edit a Midi file.
When I google around, people are talking about the Event Editor, but I am not finding it.

What I trying to do is change the volume from a track, but it seems like it’s controlled in the event editor.

How do I get there, and if it’s there, can I globally change the volume for the whole track?
(I looked with another program, and it seems like every note had a volume, but the program fails in many other ways)
Cubase would be my solution, but i don’t see the event editor.

Thank you

Hi there

There isn’t a “list” editor in Elements as such. To change volume you can use the controller lane at the bottom of the key editor by adding cc7 value there. Or of course in the inspector.

Best Regards, Dave

Thank you,
I have to look into that, the last version I played with was 15 years ago, and a lot has changed lol.

The inspector I can’t seem to change it, it’s already set to 0. so I was puzzled with it.

I tried muting the track and export as midi, but that results that the whole tracks gets deleted (??) which seems odd, since i did not delete it.

Edit: I did find the key Editor, and change the velocity to 0, and now it’s silent… But after I saved it, and load the midi again, i lost all my notes for that track, so how do i make it silent, and not loosing the notes.

so far, everything i do, is wiping out the track.

in the inspector, i don’t see a volume at all, and as fat the cc7, where do i place thate?
I see all the notes, so i am not sure how to do that.