Event envelope curve - attenuate only?

Event envelope curve cannot go over +0 dB boundary. It allows only to attenuate, but not to boost something. Is this correct? Isn’t there any way to go up, like to +25 dB?
Sure this can be replaced with splitting event and/or setting higher event volume or substituted by automation,
but envelope curve solution would be more perfect.

What do you exactly mean by “Event envelope”? There is Volume envelope, you can set Fade-In/Out and Volume by using this curve. You can set up to +24dB by using this. Visualy, it’s on “0”, as maximum, but if you show Info line, you will see, there is heigher value. Same, as you can see this in the yellow info box, if you click on the little square for settings this volume.

I means the curve that can be driven by pencil.

Oh, this one.

I didn’t ever find any reason, why should I use this curve. I’m using automation-curve, which works musch more better for me. I can move it with region too. No proble, here.

The way it used to work in the old VST32 was far better. Then it got removed completely followed by a massive campaign to bring it back, only to be reintroduced in this crippled format!!! shame really.

Where is Paul Woodlock when you need a good rant about this feature (or lack there-of) :laughing:

“Dynamic events”, so that’s what they were?

I never got on with the pencil tool anyway, so I split events and use the keyboard shortcuts to raise/lower their volume. Way quicker/accurater for me than mousy pencil stuff.