Event Envelope disabled


I am using the event envelope function a lot. But for some reason this function does not seem to work anymore in the project I am currently working in. I can’t figure out what it is. Is there a way to enable/disable this function?

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Hi Max,

vertical zoom for the track(s) is large enough so that the event envelopes are displayed (e.g. 2 rows)?

Under File -> Preferences -> Event Display -> Audio “Show Event Volume Curves Always” is ticked?

Are you by any chance using audio parts instead of audio events on the track(s)? Event envelopes are only available on audio events. Click on one of the audio parts in question and choose “Dissolve Part” from the Audio menu.


Thanks for the answer. I am dealing with audio events. I can also draw in an automation, but this automation is not read by Nuendo. I just found out that it looks like the automation curve is not accurate. When I draw in an automation and want to make a piece of the event more quite, Nuendo does not make the part more quiter where I draw the automation, but a few second before that point. I also just tried to import a different OMF into the session, and with audio event from this omf the automation seems to work. So somehow Nuendo does not seem to manage the audio event from the first omf correctly.



Hi Max -

I had not exactly your issue but this may be related:
After using time warp tool (all tracks set to musical mode) I discovered that some mix automation did NOT get shifted correctly. It APPEARED to be shifted, but did not sound as the graphics would imply.

After locating the particular automation track (in the case, a subset of a VSTi) I switched the track from musical to time-linear and back again. Just a hunch. Anyway, it paid off as the automation then “corrected” itself.

So I’m thinking - a little bug is N5?

(By the way the project originated in N4. I have my suspicions about all projects that have crossed from N4 to N5.)


Ben B

(PS so maybe try switching time modes and back again)

Max! Any chance you could upload example project?

The automation curve is at the right place, it is just read wrongly by Nuendo. I think this probably happened during a backup process. But I have attached the project with a file. As you can see, when you move the automation curve of the envelope the audio changes a few seconds before that point you want it to change.
Envelope.zip (998 KB)

Looks like a bug. I hope developers will download your project and analyze it.

Does it work if you remove the envelope and draw a new one?

Audio/“Remove Volume Curve”

But even if it works, it would be good if there was a repro how to break it.

It works after removing envelope. I doubt it’s possible to find a repro… Analyzing of project can’t help?

Thanks Bodo, that works. I have no idea how it broke. As I said, I think it broke during a backup process. I then worked on from the backup session.