Event envelopes/Automation Curves - Possible to export?

Hi - something came up last night that I’m wondering whether there’s a faster way that might have saved me some time:

  1. I have an audio piano track (rendered from MIDI) that I realize I want to have the intro and outro a little louder. I like to visually see how loud something is on the track, so I use the event envelopes to do this (instead of using volume automation which isn’t as “visual”, at least not without opening up the volume automation).

Then last night I decided I wanted to have different notes played in the intro. It had a nice groove, so instead of replaying the part I just muted and drew in some MIDI notes and then re-rendered.

Of course then I had to make the newly rendered intro louder, as I had done in the first version. Ideally, I would have liked to have retrieved the event envelope from the first audio event and just thrown it on the new audio, 1-step and it’s done. But since I didn’t know how, I redrew the event envelope from scratch again. Though it sounded nice, it took some time to do, and of course the 2nd curve is never identical to the first.

So, I was wondering - are event envelopes exportable for reuse later by importing onto another audio event?

Similarly - are automation curves exportable?

Couldn’t see that they were from the manual, but it wouldn’t be the first time I missed something in there …

Thanks -

Case 1: event envelopes, no I don’t think you can do that.

Case 2: automation, you can copy and paste.

OK, thanks, Split!

I found a way to do this. I realise this question is about 8 years old. But here goes… …instead of copying the envelope and pasting it onto the new audio clip (which you cant do), what you can do instead, is drag the new audio from the media pool and hold shift as you drop it onto the old audio clip that has the envelope. This effectively replaces the media/clip ‘underneath’ the envelope in the event and the envelope is retained. Bingo!!