Event fades not working on some MIDI tracks

Hi Lars,

Under what circumstances do the event fade-in/fade-out don’t work? I guess when I use UltraMaximizer on the Master channel, the fades are not working on some tracks (MicroSonic/Micrologue).

Please advise…


Hi shekar,

Thanks for your message, which has been shared with the team.

Giving the issue a quick check, things seem to work as expected here:
Fade lines on MIDI events only affect the initial note velocity, i.e. the fade curve’s height at the beginning of the note defines its velocity and while the note is being played, the velocity doesn’t change anymore.

For further editing, I’d suggest to use automation

If helpful, please have a look at our How to Use Automation and MIDI CC’s in Cubasis tutorial for more information.

Hope that helps.