Event Opacity Issue

Am testing this “replacement feature” out, and as I feared… one hand giveth and the other hand taketh away.

Event Opacity has been added… but it doesn’t work as Transparent Events did. It does not appear in the Key Commands menu. It cannot be turned on and off without diving into preferences.

The ability to toggle Transparent Events was one of its most valuable and convenient features.

Devs: I appreciate your taking a step toward replacing Transparent Events. But, unless I’m missing something here, what we have is not an improvement. With adjustable opacity we have gained a new option of arguable value, while failing to preserve one of the original’s most useful features.

Please bring back Transparent Events’ full utility. Make it so we can turn it on and off with a key command.

And-- if I AM missing something here, I’ll gladly eat my words.



You are not missing something, sorry.

That’s what I was afraid of. Bummer. Steinberg… please really fix this.