Event reordering in list view

For those who still need to edit midi events at their lowest level, is it possible to reorder events which have the same start time in the list view? For example, I need to put the program change first, and then some controllers in a certain order, but all at start time

I know I can change the start time of the events but if you need to reorder many of them it’s tedious and far from intuitive. If I could simply drag an event and put it anywhere it would be much easier.

So, is it possible? how? I tried everything, and I did RTFM as well.
If not, will it be possible someday?


I’ve never managed it by just dragging around, so I don’t think it can be done like that.

I think I might have managed to change the order a few times by fanning the event starts out to achieve the order that I want and then quatizing to put them back onto the barline - but it’s not somethin I’ve comitted to memory, I could be talking rubbish! If you don’t like to have active quantize after you’ve moved them and quantized them then you can freeze the quantize.

Another thing I do very often is keep different event types in different parts. For example, if I’ve got program changes then I keep them in a separate part called the name of the synth program. I then use lanes to see and edit them (ahem, which is now a lot more difficult of course!!!).

Might help…