Event Replacement

Goog afternoon,

I am in the unlikly position to replace a couple of ambience events in a project which are all related to the same mediafile(audio). Is there a tool to replace/exchange a whole bunch of events related to the same mediafile without checking eyery single event with one command?

Hold down shift and drag your new file from the pool on to an existing event. It should ask if you want to replace a single event or all of them.


Hello likelystory,

unfortunatly this does not work.


try again, it should be.

I am sorry - it does not work.


This worked for me fine.

Are there any default settings to be made somewhere. Neither in the manual nor in the keycommand section this function is described .

i just noticed in the 1st reply the procedure hadn’t been described accurately, maybe that’s why. first drag your new file out of the pool without holding any modifiers. only when you have dragged the file into the arrange (and while still holding down the left mouse button) do you add the shift modifier, and finally release the LMB on the target event.

Thank you lukasbrooklyn,

now it works.