Event selection issue

Having problems finding a solution… Some of my events recently began selecting one bar into the file… Is there a setting I may have enabled on accident?

There is a little bar that’s also being generated and snapped to…

That is the snap point of the event.

How can I stop this from being applied to events? Any idea why this would start happening randomly?

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Curious to know as well. These stupid snap points are a real PITA.

This is still affecting my work and I have not found a solution.

How can I ensure while Rendering in Place the “Set Event Snap Point” is at the beginning of the file?

I made myself this macro. It requires to have the event selected.

This happened to me today as well - snap point randomly moved without pressing any key or anything. Seems to be a bug.

How can we elevate this to Steinberg? I’d rather not worry about macroing every single render, or manually adjusting. As I’m sure the rest of our community would agree…

@Martin.Jirsak can you verify this bug? It happens 100% of the time for me.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have an audio event on a track
  2. Select Event
  3. Render in Place

That’s it. The newly created event has a snap point that is not at the beginning of the event.