Event Tempo Different From Project Tempo

If I record using lanes, and I record 4 lanes, and during the recording of lane 4 I stop the recording before it reaches the end of the purple repeat section, I see events 1-2 have the correct project tempo of 100 but lanes 3-4 have a tempo of 120.9. Why would the tempo be different?

Thanks, in advance, for any help!


Where do you see it, please?

The lanes are only 1 Audio file, which is just virtually shown as 4 lanes to the user. But it’s only one file.

I can see the tempo either in the lower Audio Editor window, after I double-click an event, or in the Pool. In the Pool, I may see detail of several lanes but the summary line of data (with the “+” you can expand) shows the odd tempo which matches the last two lanes.