Event Volume Curves (Pencil Tool) NOT WORKING in Cubase Elements 8

I come from Cubase SX 32bits and I’m trying the 64bits Elements.

An important tool for me is the pencil tool which allows you to draw the volume/dynamics on the event.

For some reason, in Elements 8, when I select the pencil tool in the Audio part editor (or in the Project window), nothing happens. No volume line is available.

Is this a function that is present only in PRO and doesn’t come with Elements? Anyone having the same issue?

Thank you very much


Event Envelopes are only available in Cubase Artist or higher.

In your case, I would recommend buying the upgrade from Cubase SX 3 to Cubase Pro 9.5 (it’s one of the last options in the shop page). It will be only a bit more expensive than Cubase Artist, and it comes with many more features, specially for people recording and editing audio.

Cubase 9.5 is a huge upgrade over Cubase SX 3. These pages show a few of the features present in the current versions of Cubase if you’re curious: