Events default wrongly to folder colour

Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

  1. Set up an audio track with events, all colours set to Default grey.
  2. Drag the track into folder which has a colour assigned.

The track colour remains the Default grey but the event(s) change to the folder’s colour. Grey is a useful highlight so I’d like to keep where I set it.

If you change the track colour, the events follow as they should but would the behaviour I describe above count as a b-u-g?

I guess it’s a matter of taste how you want this to work. The grey track color is the only indicator that the track is in fact in default color mode and not individually colored, be it the same as the folder. Then one could ask how important it is to have it indicated.
I do like your suggestion better, I’d probably then assign one more color, like pure white, as a highlight color since you would loose the default grey completely inside folders.


Perhaps mentioning using default grey as a highlight was just me looking for a good reason to get this looked at. It just seems as though somewhere in all this the heirarchy has got messed up. To my mind events should follow tracks, not folders, but if the event default colour follows the folder colour, then so should the track. That would be more consistent.

It may be just cosmetic or it may indicate something else not right underneath, this being a manifestation, which is why I flagged it up.

Thanks for taking the time to reply and I’m glad you like my suggestion better :smiley: