Events linked to marker


It would be nice to any event to any marker.

Yes, we can put tracks to folders, close them and select folder part and according markers and move them to place we like. But I have had situations, when a project structure already is organised in folders and any new folder breaks the structure. But with events linked to marker we will be allowed to move marker with events linked to. Lets say some instruments from one folder, some from another.

I have a project 48 minutes long. It’s like a movie (theater performance). It has 10 episodes and I have many instruments and audio parts that is used in more than one episode and some events are continuous between two episodes - so moving folder’s part (which links all events in it) is not possible. For example - the tail of fading out sound is a start of next episode.

So the feature of “linking events to markers” would be helpful. Also another markers could be linkable to any marker. So if main (to which some events linked) marker is moved, all linked events should move and the positions of events could be relative and changeable.

Maybe I did not read the manual carefully and somehow this need is already solved?

Also “Grouping events with markers” is not possible for now.